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Be Inspired! From Your Head To Your Heart

with Susan Hough and Ann Kamille

July 5th - July 7th, 2019, in Copenhagen

Learn to live from your heart instead of your head; being guided by the elements within you. In today’s modern society we have lost track of our true potential. Realign to your hearts intent, true essence, and purpose through the wisdom of the traditions of the Dagara Medicine Wheel.

Susan Hough: Susan Hough has been living her gift for over 30 years. A born healer, she began her journey on the East Coast working with teens and families as a social worker. The Rites of Passage of losing her mother, being diagnosed with breast cancer, and suffering through a divorce caused Susan's entire life to shift. Experiencing so many rites of passage at once set her off on a journey to heal herself both physically and spiritually in Laguna Beach. Studying the teachings of Sobonfu Somé, Susan felt her life shifting once again. After reading Sobonfu's book "The Spirit of Intimacy" several times she knew they had to meet. When she finally met Sobonfu, they connected on a deep spiritual level, and their lives became intertwined. For the next 18 years, Sobonfu mentored her in the practice of traditional African Rituals. Through these rituals, Susan learned the role that spirit plays in her life and vowed to share this wisdom; creating Living Your Gifts.

Susan has the rare perspective of having a background in traditional therapy, studying indigenous healing methods, and training as a life coach. With her diversity of education and experience, she has combined her teachings to develop a coaching practice that honors spirit while integrating traditional methods. Susan's approach to Spiritual Coaching focuses on finding your gifts and enabling you to share them with the world.

Susan is a CTI certified Life Coach and has trained with Mietek Wierkus in energy healing, Mary Branch Grove in the healing arts, and Jennifer Halls in intuitive healing.

Ann Kamille : Working as an interior space designer she combines modern aesthetics with native indigenous wisdom obtained through her training as a Feng shui. She brings in the resources of the Nature elements available for us all in our surroundings through the vibration of color, form, and materials. She creates a multi-sensory healing space nourishing the best possible conditions for you to feel supported and at home,

Cost: $500/DKK 3350

Payment:  Link to Copenhagen

Accommodations (separate): +45 62 25 14 50

For more information: Ann Kamille at +45-5088-51611 or Susan Hough at 1-703-505-5152