Living Your Gifts is a spiritual coaching practice dedicated to helping clients remove mental, spiritual, emotional and physical blocks from their lives. Concentrating on ancient rituals, Susan guides her clients through rites of passage, and helps them grow both spiritually and emotionally. Susan helps clients break patterns and realign with their true purpose. She believes that we all have the power to change our narrative and live our lives free of emotional toxicity.

Her modernized approach to life coaching uses exercises, prompts, and most importantly indigenous rituals taught to her by the late Sobonfu Somé. When we eliminate fear and toxic emotions we can truly live our gifts and be of service to ourselves and most importantly our communities.



Doing rituals might sound a bit woo woo but this ancient tool actually has some very modern applications. Rituals are very helpful in changing behaviors, mindsets and limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. It's easy and fun once you learn how.

Give it a try! Enjoy and Ashe!

Love, Susan


You’re real with me...and you have a way of helping me identify the emotions that slip away from me. How can I thank you enough?
— Michelle S.