Our Community isn't just about the people in it—it's about the kind of space we hold for each other.

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My Mentor Sobonfu taught me...

...that every Ritual has an altar. Because there needs to be a designated place to leave what you need Spirit to transform. 

Without these sacred spaces in our lives, we make people and things altars that can't hold the kind of space we need.

All of our gatherings create the space to release, shift and grow. And the rule is: You are seen, heard and recognized as the whole,  powerful Self you came here to be. Circle with us.


“Thank you for the wonderful ritual and experience last night. It spoke to my needs, and it was great to be among women who are seeking also.”

— Karen K.

When's our next group, gathering or O?

Fnally after so many years, a place and space where I can truly be myself! It’s like heaven...Since joining, I feel more excited, more hopeful, more connected, more loving, motivated and appreciated. I always feel like this amazing, phenomenal group of women...are all walking with each other even when we are not together.”

— Karen C.