Our Team

 Co-Founders,  Susan Hough & Jen Hutchinson

Co-Founders, Susan Hough & Jen Hutchinson


 I could see that including a connection to Source, or Spirit and using ritual in the healing setting, could make holistic healing possible.

— Susan Hough

Susan is a CTI Life Coach with a BSW and over thirty years of experience in the traditional therapeutic healing fields- specializing in working with women, families and teens. She has completed healing and ritual trainings with Mietek Wierkus, Mary Branch Grove, Jennifer Halls, and the Internationally renowned African Spiritualist, Sobonfu Some’, who was considered one of the foremost voices in African Spirituality. Susan is a graduate of Sobonfu's, Ritual Healing Village, and was mentored by the Author and Ritualist, for 18 years. Susan combines traditional training with a connection to spirit and indigenous wisdom, in her transformational Coaching.

“The unique and authentic way that Susan works has you feeling completely supported and has been the most useful tool to keep me aligned with my own lasting healing.”

— Jen Hutchinson

I met my Co-Founder Jen Hutchinson, when I began working with her one on one with the combination of traditional and indigenous healing practices. Jen and I began to develop the unique programs you will now find here. Jen earned her M.A. in Social Entrepreneurship from Pepperdine University, she has traveled the world and has volunteered as a Social Entrepreneur on Women’s Empowerment Projects. Plus she is a long-time mentor for inner-city youth. Jen brings over 15 years of experience in business development that I am happy she is combining with her passion for social change at Living Your Gifts.

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