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Want to feel aligned AF?


It's not completely simple to describe what we do—our combo of traditional and indigenous wisdom to guide your spiritual journey. It's something like the VORTEX (which most people understand) but here, the VORTEX is your GIFT. 

The unique purpose you decided to live—while you were still in Spirit form— before you got here in physical form. When you are in or out of the VORTEX you know it. Same with your PURPOSE, when you are NOT in alignment you 100% feel it.

Everything here is based on indigenous wisdom in a modern spiritual and well-being practice—to do just that.


Learn to see your life differently-see where your strengths are and experience your own unique ability to pursue your life purpose.  

We refer to our VIP day as the 'Half Day Half and Half' - you get half traditional coaching and half indigenous healing—complete with an actual indigenous Ritual.

Dive into our indigenous tradition with the Five Ritual Bundle or check out What's My Element, to find out what your 'indigenous zodiac sign' is.

Find out what indigenous Elements are in your chart, and where you are in alignment with your purpose, and where you are not.


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I'm here to guide you every step of the way.