You came here with a do you connect with the guidance all around you to get in alignment with it?


Source {The Universe, our Ancestors, our Guides}  are always sending information and signs to keep us on the path to discovering our purpose. This practice opens the portals of guidance, and helps clear any personal blocks {limiting beliefs and mindsets} that keep you from receiving it.


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What are the five portals of guiding energy?

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How do they connect you to your purpose in a modern practice?


The Fire Element | Connect

You use FIRE in your practice to IGNITE your PASSION and burn away what's in the way of your VISION and INTUITION.

What power sources are you connected to right now, that fuel your PURPOSE?  Are you connected to SOURCE (that got behind what you decided to do here?) Or are you doing all of your own spiritual heavy lifting? Are you hanging with people who are IGNITING you, or BURNING you out?


The Water Element | Flow

You use WATER in your practice to help you find your FLOW—the BALANCE between what you take in and the ability to RELEASE what no longer serves you.

Your emotions are your internal ecosystem. If you have toxic emotions (from stuffing them or not releasing them) it's going to poison everything. What survives in a toxic environment?



The Earth Element | Ground

You use EARTH in your practice to get the NOURISHMENT you need {SOUL food} for your HIGHER-Self-care.

Are you giving yourself enough nurturing self-care? Or are you over-giving, engaging in negative self-talk, or pleasing or enabling others—and getting depleted?



The Mineral Element | Excavate

You use MINERAL in your practice to EXCAVATE your TRUTH and consistently un-trip your TRIGGER stories. 

What stories from your past do you need to unearth that are  creating triggers that are wreaking havoc on your present? Is there a pattern of behavior or a mindset that you KNOW isn’t in your best interest?



The Nature Element | Manifest

You use NATURE in your practice to TRANSFORM whatever tries you, so you can MANIFEST what aligns you with your GIFT.

Do you want to align with your purpose but find you haven’t? Are your expectations matching your outcomes? Are you letting frustration and disappointment stop you before you start? Are you using the right tools for the job? Or are you short cutting  to your results? What's your manifesting medium?


Are you ready to IGNITE, FLOW, get GROUNDED, EXCAVATE your triggers and MANIFEST what you have always wanted?

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Find out what Elements are in your chart, and how connected are you to your purpose? 

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Take our five-week indigenous ritual course to learn to keep your energy portals open to receive your personal spiritual guidance.

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