Spiritual Life Coaching by Susan Hough.

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Susan Hough is a spirited and resourceful leader, deeply in touch with her indigenous soul. She combines her studies in ancient wisdom with her life experience, to ingeniously create a unique experience for each person or group. Her work is brilliant, inspiring and healing. I recommend her.
— Sobonfu Somé


We know that a connection to spirit is essential to our happiness. 


Remember how unique and special you are. You are neccessary.

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“Thanks so much, Susan. You are like the sun that radiates so much warmth. It’s hard, even for myself at this time, to feel bad about myself in your presence!
— Erin

The multiple shifts-financial, in my relationships, and emotionally-are a direct result of the work you’ve done with me.
— Katherine B.

“The heart and soul have been spoken about multiple times, but have never been experienced like this before. Bringing a personal touch and so much warmth to her speech, Susan stole our hearts and taught us a very valuable lesson - spreading love and helping each other in community.”
— Thriive India about the 11th Global Spiritual Festival