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What did you decide to do before you got here? 


And where has your life been guiding you? Did you know that you are constantly receiving information, signs and wisdom? Do you want a reliable way to tap in to that guidance?


Clear the blocks to your personal guidance, reframe struggles as opportunities for self discovery, and learn where your life has been leading you—with Susan Hough. 

Learn about five elemental portals where your personal spiritual guidance comes in, and how to use each one in a personal and spiritual growth practice.


Who will help you fulfill what you agreed to do before you came here? Gather and Circle in healing, transformational spaces.


This is ancient healing wisdom + modern life coaching…where your life is your coach. 

And it's our version of woo-woo: When you are Open to Opportunities, and go Where the Opportunities Open you up to. I was initiated and trained to use indigenous rites and rituals for healing and I combine them with 30 years in traditional counseling and life coaching. I put it all together to guide your awakening.

Praise from Sobonfu Somé:

Susan Hough is a spirited and resourceful leader, deeply in touch with her indigenous soul. She combines her studies in ancient wisdom with her life experience, to ingeniously creates a unique experience for each person or group. Her work is brilliant, inspiring and healing. I recommend her.

— Sobonfu Somé —One of the foremost voices in African Spirituality

Rituals — Retreats — Workshops —Teen Groups — Women's Groups

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“I had a Skype Session with Susan...it was like she was in the room with me. I was amazed that she picked up on things before I even mentioned them."

— Erin, New York City

“Susan shed light on the situation, in a way only she can...the door opened. The light bulb turned on...Let me tell you, if you need someone to help you get unstuck, Susan is your gal."

—Melissa Drake, Brilliant Transformations, Los Angeles

“My appointment was great! Very validating of 'where I am' in my life right now."

— Catherine, Laguna Beach