What if you had a process to take you to the next step in your personal growth journey? And the guidance, tools, and community to support you every step of the way?


…and what if it was based on ancient wisdom?


I knew helping people was my calling. But after 20 years working in very traditional mental health (in facilities and group homes), I also knew that THAT wasn’t the BEST way…or MY best way to do it. So I started getting what was then called ALTERNATIVE healing training – in energy work, and intuitive activation – AND THEN I HIT THE MOTHER LOAD.

I read a book called The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships, by Sobonfu Somé– tracked her down for 6 months, and three years later, which was pretty crazy for a small town girl from Virginia – I was one of a handful of Westerners to get initiated into the rites, rituals, and healing wisdom of her tradition. 


“And that is what clicked in for me as a helper and healer.”

— Susan Hough, Your Coach & Guide

Our "ancient" communities ALREADY had a system to help people stay connected to their purpose, and to monitor their emotional and spiritual growth.  If it wasn’t broken…why did we (try) to fix it?


—New Way—

Modern and Western Self Help (which isn’t always Self-Healing) tends to stop at the head/brain level…it doesn’t go into your heart….and into your Soul. As humans, we don’t JUST have Mental BLOCKS, we also have EMOTIONAL BLOCKS…and even SPIRITUAL BLOCKS, that keep us from connecting to our purpose, in our modern lives.  And to be honest, our Spiritual Blocks are just as painful as our emotional ones…

They happen when we are disconnected from the purpose we are meant to live here on this earth. They happen when we don't engae in our emotional healing as a spiritual journey as well. and from the Soul work we are meant to be doing.

—Old Way—

In this beautiful and deeply human tradition they believe you came with the purpose you wanted to I’ve in the world. Actually, before you came, you went into the Spirit Office, and met with your guides, God, your ancestors, and you TOLD them what you were going to do. They give you their “stamp of approval,” then when you arrive in your Come-Unity; they take it from there…they know you are bringing something the world needs in, and they knew it was their JOB to help you remember and live it. They were ready. And they were prepared. And they understood about the interdependence of your mind-emotions and keeping you connected to the Source that blessed your mission.

How does this apply to MODERN personal growth?


At every juncture, crossroads, and growth opportunity you had in your life where you DIDN’T have the guidance, the information, you weren’t old enough (etc.)—a block got created in one of your life areas, and you experienced a disconnect in knowing who you are and why you’re here. We find and remove those blocks, and return you to the well, healthy person you came to be, to do your growth work, and the purpose work you came here to do.

You HAVE to be healthy to do this work. You are “healthy” when you are no longer living in your pain body…when you release your BLOCKS, align with your purpose, and live in your SOUL body - the one that has always carried your purpose forward.

You DO have to go through (or at least make a few stops in your past) but don’t let that deter you—let it inspire you. Don't be afraid to go through the past to heal your present—you will actually be picking up valuable clues as to who you REALLY are, and WHY you are HERE.


Finding your PURPOSE is about alignment and timing.

Tools for your Spiritual Practice

It’s the PROCESS of your growth, and it’s the difference between going into BREAKDOWN blind, or going in with the tools to extract the lesson you need, to catalyze the growth opportunity that's intended for you. We give you wisdom and tools in each area, so you can respond to your present and create a future aligned with your PURPOSE.

We go both ways here - modern; prompts, exercises and tips as well as the actual indigenous rituals I was taught by Sobonfu, modernized for your modern journey. But we DO use ritual. If that try is scary and foreign; here’s our definition: exercises to act with intention to live a healthy life. Doing something physical, can break you out of your unconscious…where HEALING happens.

Your Tribe

You can do all of the work you want on yourself…. but if you don’t ALSO surround yourself with like-minded, healthy people, who SEE you and encourage and EMPOWER you to be YOUR HIGHEST SELF…the gains you make, won’t stick. Our community is only about people, as well…it’s about the type of space we create. It’s SACRED space. In the ancient tradition, they always create an altar during ritual. It’s the designated area where you put, and release the pain and burden you brought into ritual…and that you then release and walk away from. without this kind of sacred space in our modern lives, we make PEOPLE and SITUATIONS into altars THAT CAN’T HOLD OUR SH*T.

Are you ready to make living your purpose your way of life?