Start from exactly where you are...because you have everything you need to remember your GIFT...



...the problem is you've also collected some stuff you don't need. Life happens. Experiences pile on. Blocks, patterns and blind spots develop that prevent you from connecting to your life purpose–your GIFT.

Suddenly, that well, healthy, powerful being is nowhere to be found, felt, or seen. It's time for a recovery mission!

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That's where I come in, and why I created Living Your Gifts. I'm Susan Hough. I have brought together 30 years of my traditional coaching experience, with direct training in healing indigenous wisdom to create a Transformational Coaching Path, that will reconnect you with your unique life purpose.

  • Traumas, blocks and triggers? Flip the switch from hurt to healed.

  • Work smarter, not harder. Create mind shifts in just 5 core areas.

  • Adopt a framework to create a purpose driven life...for life!

Our Coaching

Mind Shifts.

Let's shine a light on the personal blind spots preventing you from seeing your life purpose. I guide you to uncover the causes for the unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs that have eroded away at the whole and healthy person you came here to be. 

Get ready for the aha! moments of self discovery you've been waiting for and flip the switch from hurt to healed!

Our System

New Ways of Being.

Take the guess work out of your healing. Based on my thirty years of experience, I focus your workand catalyze break throughs in five core areas of self developmentso you can work smarter, not harder. Then together, we create your new healthy ways of being. 

Get ready for manageable, targeted work that gets results and puts you back on the path to your purpose!

Our Community

A Village of Support.

They say it takes a village...let's create one! We are not here to do this work alone. We need encouragement, support and love from others. Gather with like minded seekers in ongoing groups and retreats to stay enlightened, encouraged and empowered.

Get ready to be seen and experienced as the well, healthy, powerful being you came here to be!

Susan Hough is a spirited and resourceful leader who is deeply in touch with her indigenous soul. Combining her studies of ancient wisdom and her life experience, she ingeniously creates a unique experience for each person or group. Her work is brilliant, inspiring and healing. I recommend her.
— Sobonfu Somé, One of The Foremost Voices in African Spirituality

Finally. Take the guesswork out of your healing. Our Coaching Path follows every stage of the healing journey.

Return to the well, healthy person you came here to be. Start your journey back to you.