I was beginning to wonder if I was still “crazy.” And then, so gracefully, Susan shed light on the situation, in a way only she can. Then the door opened. The light bulb turned on. The breeze swept through, and the music blared. Let me tell you, if you need someone to help you get unstuck, Susan is your gal. I can’t tell you the relief I feel having gained the perspective to address the issue we did today. I’m so grateful for her.

Melissa Drake - Brilliant Transitions

Your work with my 8-year-old daughter and I has been transformational. You have literally changed our lives in ways I never expected. Being in your peaceful space and loving, non-judgmental energy brings so much calm, comfort, and clarity to us both. I can see the wall that my 8-year-old has created in her short life, slowly melting away before my eyes. She’s letting people in again. I’m overjoyed by all of the progress we’ve made and for the loving hands you hold us in!


You are like the sun that radiates so much warmth. It’s hard, even for myself at this time, to feel bad about myself in your presence!

Erin - Washington DC area

The multiple shifts-financial, in my relationships, and emotionally-are a direct result of the work you’ve done with me.

Katherine B.

Working with Susan over the past few months has radically changed my perspective and relationship with my emotions. Her unconditional support and insight has allowed me to open my eyes and recognize the light and lessons hidden within struggles and challenges, Through one-on-one skype session she has helped me tear down my emotional barriers and realize the capacity to feel, experience, give, and receive love.


Thank you for the wonderful ritual and experience last night. It spoke to my needs, and it was great to be among women who are seeking also.

Karen K.