You know that Aha! moment of clarity right before your breakthrough? We make that happen.

“My appointment was great.  Very insightful and validating of “where I am.

— Catherine

For the first time in a long time, I am able to stop the tapes from playing and make better decisions for myself. I'm actually less doubtful of myself. I didn't think that was possible for me.

— Robin s.

The multiple shifts-finacial, relationships, and emotionally-are a direct result of the work you've done with me.

— Katherine B.

“I was beginning to wonder if I was still “crazy.” And then, so gracefully, Susan shed light on the situation, in a way only she can. Then the door opened. The light bulb turned on. The breeze swept through, and the music blared. Let me tell you, if you need someone to help you get unstuck, Susan is your gal. I can’t tell you the relief I feel having gained the perspective to address the issue we did today. I’m so grateful for her.”

— Melissa Drake, Brilliant Transformations

“I had a Skype Session with was like she was in the room with me. I was amazed that she picked up on things before I even mentioned them...and she gave my some coping tools that have been tremendously helpful.”

— Erin K.

You're real with me...and you have a way of helping me identify the emotions that slip away from me. How can I thank you enough?

— Michelle S.

About Susan Hough:

"I worked in mental health, with individual coaching clients, and with light and energy work for 20 years, then found and was initiated into an indigenous healing school, by my late mentor, Sobonfu Somé , who was considered one of the foremost voices in bringing African healing wisdom to the West. I bring this healing container fully into my work. It’s not entirely ancient wisdom, its more than coaching…I believe it’s a third way, and the way I guide you to the moments of self-discovery that realign you with the person you came here to be, to do the work you are meant to do. It’s my privilege to carry on this profound, powerful, healing tradition."